Is your skin ageing? > The characteristics of skin ageing at different ages

The characteristics of skin ageing at different ages

Below 25 years old:

Skin is smooth, firm and elastic. There should not be any serious problem if it’s well taken care of.

25-35 years old:

  • Fine lines around the eyes, crow’s feet, expression lines, and nasolabial folds start to appear as age increases
  • Skin begins to sag
  • Pigmentation appear, skin becomes dull, large pores
  • Fullness of facial skin declines

35-45 years old:

  • Deeper crow's feet, nasolabial folds, mouth and forehead wrinkles appear
  • The chin begins to sag and lose elasticity
  • The skin and muscles around the face and neck begin to sag
  • Skin drying and lustre reduced

45-55 years old:

  • Forehead, eyes, mouth severely wrinkled; frown lines emerge
  • Rough and dull complexion
  • Face and neck become significantly saggy and double chin forms
  • Every sign of ageing becomes more evident

55 years old and above:

  • Crow’s feet, expression lines, nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles and other wrinkles appear all over the face
  • Severe double chin
  • Saggy and non-elastic face and neck, severely collapsed skin
  • Severe sagging in the face area, overall face ageing


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